Job Description

Job Title:- Purchase Manager
Location:- Gurugram, Haryana
Experience Required:- 5 + Years
Roles & Responsibilities:-
As a Purchase Manager you will be responsible for sourcing equipment, goods and services and managing vendors. The successful candidate will be able to perform strategic procurement activities across multiple categories of spend, search for better deals and find more profitable suppliers. Key Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Perform the role of central procurement party for IT resources including implementation services, equipment, hardware, software, data network.
  • Execute and improve procurement processes across all channels of procurement;
  • Delegate tasks and supervise the work of procurement staff at different offices;
  • Manage every aspect of the supply chain and notify the senior management team of all obstacles negatively impacting efficiency;
  • Institute policies and procedures for collecting and reporting key metrics that will reduce overall expenses while increasing productivity;
  • Perform cost analysis and set appropriate benchmarks;
  • Coordinate deliveries with targets;
  • Implement policies and procedures for risk management and mitigation in procurement;
  • Decide on the standardization, centralization/ decentralization of procurement at offices;
  • Assist in establishing and implementing procurement plans with various Program Heads;
  • Coordinate the undertaking of market studies/ surveys as required to ensure compliance with procurement requirements;
  • Oversee the set up and maintain a database of local suppliers detailing criteria of quality, price, service, ethics, etc.;
  • Ensure that procurement and logistics conditions are in place in each office to enable proper planning, implementation, and monitoring of procurement and supply chain.

Skills Required:-
• Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple tasks, demands and deadlines with a positive and constructive attitude;
• Excellent management and personnel skills to enable the motivation, encouragement and participation of team members. Excellent interpersonal and team working skills, including the ability to work with different groups and nationalities;
• Experience of adopting flexible approaches to prioritize and manage a high workload and multiple tasks, in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines;
• Experience in proactively identifying and addressing issues;
• Excellent computer skills;
• Strong negotiation, communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills;
• Excellent organizational and coordination skills;
• Should be detail oriented;
• Ability to coordinate activities independently and manage/ prioritize diverse tasks;
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Hindi;
• Excellent interpersonal, writing and oral presentation skills;
• A high level of integrity and professionalism;

Education Required:-
B.Tech (IT)