Servers and Storage

Deliver data and applications faster, and provide your users a seamless digital experience.

The Need for Servers and Storage

Servers run data and enterprise applications optimally, helping achieve breakthrough performance and cost efficiencies for business-critical workloads. They mitigate security threats by protecting critical data with built-in data encryption, application memory protection, and advanced security features without compromising on application or database performance. Servers simplify system administration and reduce costs.

Meanwhile, data storage needs are on the rise across all enterprise sizes, and this trend appears to be continuing. Adapting to data growth and the necessity to store requires selecting the best storage management software and data storage solutions. Comprehensive flash and storage solutions help evolve the role of IT by delivering solutions upto 64% faster. Moreover, advanced storage efficiencies reduce operational costs.

Delta IT helps you leverage the right server and storage options to transform your data center’s capabilities and gain a competitive advantage for your organization.


Lower Capital Expenses

At Delta IT, our experts ensure lower capital expenses and management costs by consolidating important workloads on fewer servers.


Proactive Monitoring

Our engineers proactively reduce downtime for crucial applications with real-time monitoring and fault management.


Operational Flexibility

We help you achieve greater operational flexibility and security with layered virtualization capabilities.