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What Is Thermal Scanning ?

Thermal imaging is a method of improving visibility of objects in a dark environment by detecting the objects' infrared radiation and creating an image based on that information. Thermal imaging, near-infrared illumination, low-light imaging and are the three most commonly used night vision technologies.


Temperature Screening CCTV Camerass

These cameras, with a high temperature accuracy can detect the elevated skin-temperature levels to make the preliminary screening. It is a non-contact process which can achieve accuracy more than one metre away.




Temperature Screening Handheld Camera

A Standalone Solution, eliminating the need of an NVR or a POE Switch. Supports a screening of sixty people per minute.


Temperature Screening Door Frame Metal Detector

Cameras integrated with a DFMD are particularly advisable to be installed at locations where there is a crowd or a gathering of people or a queue formation.

Frame Metal Detector


Access Control

Temperature Screening Access Control Terminal

Face recognition is supported, mask recognition is supported. Voice reminder of not-wearing masks, and no-mask entrance is prohibited. Max.50,000 faces capacity.

Thermal Scanning Solution Videos

Basic Parameters

I would also like to apprise you that a genuine Temperature screening camera should have necessarily the following characteristics

A) Contact free

The essence of a Temperature Screening camera is that it should be capable of capturing the information from a distance, and be truly contact-free. If there is any contact or close proximity of the guest with the device involved, the whole exercise becomes meaningless. The range of our cameras is a minimum of 0.8 meters and can range up to 9 meters.

B) Artificial Intelligence

There has to be a distinction made possible between a human face and an inanimate object. In a true Thermographic camera, if a person walks in with a steaming cup of hot coffee, the camera will capture the temperature of the person and the coffee separately.

C) Accuracy

Our cameras have an accuracy range of +/- 0.5 degrees Celcius, without the need of any additional device. Something which is equivalent of a feat, factually speaking. When converted into Fahrenheit, even a small deviation can have large implications.

D) Group Screening

Our cameras can detect the skin temperature of Thirty people simultaneously. (Sixty, in case of hand held cameras). This eliminates all chances of a large queue formation waiting to enter the premises.

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