Virtual Classroom Solutions

A virtual classroom is a digital learning environment or the way that helps teachers and students to connect and interact with each other online in real-time. It serves as an online system that facilitates communication and collaboration between teachers and students.

One of the essential tools found in a virtual classroom is video conferencing, which allows participants to see and hear each other, fostering a sense of presence and engagement. Additionally, an online whiteboard is often available, providing a platform for real-time collaboration and sharing of ideas.

Further, a significant advantage of these digital classrooms is that they have the ability for students to access quality teachers from anywhere on the planet, as long as both parties have a reliable internet connection. This eliminates common barriers to synchronous learning, such as cost, distance, and timing constraints.

Delta IT Network has range of products which can be setup with minimum technical expertise and teacher can start using them to setup a virtual classroom. Kneura cloud teaching platform is the best suitable application for online collaboration between students and teachers. Products like thinker connect have the capability of providing interactivity with video conferencing facility.

Below are the features of virtual classroom

  • Video conferencing ability, so teachers and students can see each other
  • Audio conferencing, so participants can hear each other
  • Real-time text chat
  • Interactive online whiteboard, so users can interact on the same online page
  • Library of learning materials, essential for providing more structured lessons)
  • Teacher tools and controls, just like in a physical classroom


Kneura Cloud

Kneura is an easy to use Virtual Classroom Platform that provides powerful tools for Educators to Create and Deliver Lessons (Live and Online), Grade, Advise and Engage with Learners and achieve extraordinary learning outcomes.