About Us

We are a bunch of young professionals with ethical values, devotion, and professionalism, joined hands together with one focus in mind: help small and medium enterprises enhance productivity and profitability through the use of IT resources, by aligning IT Support with business requirements to derive Maximum Value and reduce costs through the selective use and implementation of computing resources.

Commencing the operation in the year 1996, Delta IT Network Pvt. Ltd. has successfully positioned itself as a focused corporate player with a significant reach across Gurgaon. The company focused on providing IT consultancy, IT infrastructure, development, System Integration including networking, customer training, services and system administration.

Sales and Marketing:-

  • Project Implementation
  • System Integration and Networking
  • Maintenance Services (Annual or Period specific)
  • Desktop, Server and Notebook on rent
  • Resident Engineer services

Other Solutions:-

  • Hardware Solution
  • Software Solution
  • Power Conditioning Solution
  • Telecommunications and Network Solutions
  • Desktop, Server and Notebook on rent
  • Resident Engineer services

Our Team

At Delta IT Network the best of talent and the most industrious of training come together to translate into top quality professionals who can hit the ground running for you. Delta web services recruits the best with a focus on deep technical expertise and people skills! Delta Web Services recruits taking into consideration the global competence and the talent that helps to understand global scenario.

  • Along with hiring experienced professionals, Delta Web Services hires the best graduates from the top regional engineering and computer science colleges to infuse fresh blood into the Company.
  • We enjoy one of the lowest employee attrition rates among medium sized technology firms in the region. We accomplish this by offering a stimulating work environment that promotes learning and career advancement. We have clearly defined growth paths for the various roles we offer. This gives an opportunity to our people to work on the technologies leading the pack.

Our Mission

Our Values are the driving force behind everything we do in business. It is our firm belief that ethics and values in business are the foundation for a strong and long-term business relationship, which Delta Web services enjoys with all its clients, or as we say, our “Partners-in-growth”.
Our core values include:

  • To provide excellence in IT Services and Support to our Clients.
  • To build a trust-based relationship.
  • To uphold impeccable business ethics.
  • To insist upon open and honest communication.
  • To establish permanence in our industry.
  • To build a company that people want to work for long term.
  • To actively support personal and career growth for our employees.
  • To promote a balanced lifestyle.