CCTV Camera Solution

Surveillance today, stands as a vital tool for protecting property and people round the clock. Delta IT Network offers a wide range of surveillance cameras, Attendance machines etc. to meet an entire spectrum of security needs.


Biometric Surveillance

Biometric identifiers are unique to individuals and they can be used for establishing identity and can thus be used as part of a biometrics surveillance system. Examples of biometrics intended to assist in establishing identity include facial measurements, fingerprints and gait.

Indoor, outdoor and perimeter Surveillance Solutions

Indoor, outdoor and perimeter Surveillance Solutions

We offers wide range of customised Security & Surveillance solutions suitable for all indoor, outdoor and even perimeter protection. Depending upon applications, different types of cameras i.e. dome, box, IR, speed dome, vandal proof, PTZ and for highest clarity HD are offered. Both options either IP or analogue are available to suit different budgets and conditions...

To store and reproduce images captured, again various options are available for DVRs and NVRs. All these products are powered by patented technologies offering unique features for the best quality, different conditions and investment protection.

Key aspects
  • Tele/Wide angle, day/night, hemispheric (180 °)
  • 180 degree panoramic view
  • Wall, ceiling or pole mount
  • High resolution internal video recording
  • Weather proof -30° -+60°C, (IP66)
  • Digital zoom, pan-tilt
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
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Video Analytics

Video Analytics

Achieving an even mix of physical security and technology is an alchemy that is still being balanced. It involves blending three key factors: analytics and data fusion, convergence and standards. The aim of this delicate balance is to be able to provide the most effective protection for any facility or application, be it a government agency, corporation, school, transportation agency or even residences while optimizing the efficiency of existing personnel...

and other resources As security environments are IT converged, any surveillance system must be designed with integration in mind and making technologies ‘talk’ to each other. The rule of thumb for video analytics is that such a system must be able to:

  • Function in a variety of different situations and environments (such as wide-ranging weather and lighting conditions, and busy public areas)
  • Not just detect, but also classify anomalous events (example: is it a person crossing the tarmac or a large paper bag blown by the wind?)
  • Structure and store the gathered data so it can be searched rapidly
  • Integrate with other sensor technologies and alert mechanisms

Delta IT Network offers comprehensive Video Analytics solutions enabling its wide range of customers to carry out surveillance very effectively and efficiently in different environments and protect people, assets and infrastructure.

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